New Photo Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Bishop Valentine of Terni is a martyred Saint of ancient Rome. Because of his believes he was executed on 14 February 269. Bishop Valentine married couples and aided Christians which Emperor Claudius II considered a crime. According to legend Valentine gave the newly wedded couples flowers from his own garden. A modern Valentine present for a friend or partner requires a personal touch, that purchased flowers can hardly provide.

Choosing or preparing a gift for Valentine’s Day should be fun – not something rushed through at the last minute. FotoInsight, a leading independent digital photo service, is expanding its range of Valentine’s photo gifts year after year. “Love is a special feeling and it must be expressed in an extraordinary way, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion“, states gift expert Ann Green and she asks: “When was the last time you have given your partner a truly unique gift?

Valentines Photo GiftsOnline digital photo services like FotoInsight can help transforming an individual photograph into a Valentine’s present that will be cherished and remembered for years to come:

• Photo cushion with the picture of a loved one, guarantees sweet dreams.

• In lieu of store-bought sentiments featuring cartoon characters, own Valentine’s Day cards with FotoInsight photo greeting cards are another way to say “I love you!”. Photographic greeting cards can be personalised with a romantic poem or a few simple words straight from the heart.

• A picture of the beloved partner in large format? Ideal for this are acryl glass posters: real photographic paper will be transparently adhered to acryl glass which is 5 or 10 mm thick. Acrylic poster prints have shiny colours and the glass provides additional optical depth. They are available in different sizes from 10×15 cm (with stand) to truly big 50×75 cm (optional hanger). Due to their superior humidity resistance, acrylic prints are well suited for humid areas: Ideal for a picture of the loved one in the kitchen or over the bath tub.

Glitter dome with love hearts and own picture “Photo dome with red hearts” a photograph is inserted in the centre.

• Love Crystallised: FotoInsight adds to its selection of photo gifts designed to display and preserve cherished photographs. Valentine’s Day photo gift ideas include crystal photo heart with a 3D laser engraved photograph, picture frames, crystal key rings, pen holder glass block with a laser engraved photograph. Special about the crystal key ring is an LED light to illuminate the engraved image.

• Where Cupid’s arrow strikes there is a story to be told with printed photo books. For shiny love there is now glossy photo book with environmentally friendly varnish from Printing-1 (produced under the environment norm ISO 14001). With a range of creative themes, covers and flexible page layout, these one-of-a-kind coffee table books will help to remember a romantic get-away or the every-day moments shared in vivid colours. The photo book format “original” (18.5×18.5 cm) is available in a printed soft cover from £14.99 (plus p&p).

• The picture of a loved one in large format? Laminated and framed posters look impressive and are ready to hang on the wall. Deco block posters are available in different sizes.

Photo Calendars• Showing love 365 days this year. Daily reminders of love are easy with photo calendars featuring own digital pictures. A photo calendar can start any month of the year. A hanging wall calendar offers room to jot down romantic dinner dates. Photo calendars on photographic paper ensure shiny pictures in true colours. Photo calendar printing is easy and starts from £7.79.

• A picture of your loved one as a canvas print? Printing-1 prints digital images onto canvas, stretched over a wood frame, delivered ready to decorate a wall. The sizes range in flexible 10 cm steps from 30 cm to 120 cm per side (and in any combination of height and width). Photo canvas prints are light, durable and elegant.Photo Canvas

• FotoInsight brings a new meaning to staying at home on Valentine’s Day: to cuddle up with the loved one and a cuddly teddy bear. Adding special effects or text to a digital photograph printed on the teddy bear’s shirt makes it a very personal Valentine’s present.

• The panoramic mug is also available with the inside in red. The FotoInsight Designer software provides templates (for example in heart shape) to print photos onto mugs.

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