Glossy Photo Calendars for Christmas

Photo calendars are among the most popular personal Christmas gifts in Britain. This year glossy photo calendars will shine und/er Christmas trees, as Printing-1 presents the new high-gloss coating on wall calendars printed with own photographs: . A shiny, personal photo gift and currently with £10 off the first order (voucher code “PRIXUK”)!
Glossy Photo Calendars

The term digital print describes a group of printing methods in which the image is transferred directly from a computer to the printing machine without using a static print form like printing plates. Digital direct print uses systems like Indigo, inkjet and laser printing, which from the standpoint of individual printing offer very good value for money. By selecting appropriate paper, the prints are produced with a matt surface. Applying a polyurethane varnish produces a gloss finish, with brightness similar to photo paper.

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